We need to see what weapons the Balaur are testing. Collect the prototype weapons from the Nochsana Training Camp and take them to Eulos.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect the prototype weapons from the Weapon Chests and take them to Eulos.
<Prototype Weapon> (0/4)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, enter Nochsana Training Camp. There are enough Weapons Chests to get four for each person in a six person group. Collect your four weapons and return to Eulos to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Wait, wait!
You're the one Nereus wanted, aren't you? [Player Name]? I don't mean to trouble you, but if you're heading to the Nochsana Training Camp, then I'm in need of your services too."
1 "Why? What do you need done?"
"The researchers have contacted me, and want me to recover some Prototype Weapons for their studies. We're in an arms race, they said, and if we're going to keep our noses in front, we need to know exactly what they're field testing.
As luck would have it, or Kaisinel would choose it, the Nochsana Training Camp is the site where the Balaur test their prototype weapons.
All I need now is for someone...someone like you mayhap, to go to their training grounds, and take those weapons from them. What do you say?"

Accept Edit

"Very good.
Now, I understand the Protoype Weapons are all kept inside a big . Find that, and you're halfway there.
Of course, the Balaur won't be thrilled with you plundering their supplies, but Nezekan watches, and waits for the scales of justice to start leaning towards the light. Do not disappoint him, [Player Name]."
X "I'll do all I can."

Decline Edit

"What? Why would you refuse?
You're going there anyway, are you not? This is little more than a slight diversion. It would take you minutes, if that, to do what I'm asking.
Think again. Don't make me find someone else to do this."
X "I can't do it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Strength, speed, spirit, conviction...these are the traits that make champions, yet weapons still augment those traits, and turn them into something more.
Did you find the weapons, [Player Name]?"
1 "Are these them?"

Failed Item Check Edit

", I don't believe they are. Are you sure these were taken from the Weapons Chests?
Look again, [Player Name]. The Prototype Weapons should look rather different, I think."
X "I'll leave now. Faith and arms."

Successfull Item Check Edit

"Well, let me see....
Hmm, the balance isn't quite right, but that's quite typical of prototype weapons. This edge though...I've never seen anything like it.
I believe you've struck gold, so to speak. I'll have this sent back to Sanctum immediately."

Summary Edit

Eulos told you that the Balaur were testing new weapons in the Nochsana Training Camp, and asked you to appropriate some for testing.

You found the weapons inside the Training Camp and handed them straight to Eulos. He said they would be sent to Sanctum for comprehensive testing.

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