Nekai shipped her merchandise on the Black Cloud Traders' ship. The Shulack pirates attacked the ship and damaged her cargo. She's out for revenge.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Calydon Sentry (0/4)
Calydon Mystic (0/4)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

To complete this quest, you will need to access the lower/upper area of Steel Rake to kill the required mobs.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Why should this foul business happen to me? Daevas badmouthing my efforts! Blast!
An entire shipment was lost! All the arrows broken and the bandages soiled. They're useless!
My customers blame me! They say I packed my merchandise improperly. I used the same crates I've always use[sic]."
1 "What exactly happened?"
"The Black Cloud Traders' ship was attacked. They managed to drive the Shulacks off, but my cargo was ruined.
The Traders barely compensated me for my losses! It's an outrage!
How do you pack for pirates? And why don't the traders pack for them?"
1 "It sounds frustrating!"
"The Black Cloud Traders are silver-tongued when dealing for my business, but stark and cold when it comes to accepting any responsibility.
I can always recoup my losses to the pirates but the insult I cannot let pass.
Daeva, I have a matter of vengeance to discuss with you. Are you interested?"

Accept Edit

"The sun-cursed pirates who attacked the ship were Calydon Sentrys[sic] and Calydon Mystics off of the Steel Rake.
I had to spread the Kinah about pretty liberally to get the Shugos to talk about the pirates. I'd like my money's worth.
Four dead pirates for every box they destroyed seems fair. I almost wish I'd list more than two crates."
X "Blood for blood!"

Decline Edit

"I can't take revenge on these Shulacks--I lack the strength.
Please reconsider, Daeva. No Asmodian worth their claws could tolerate such insults."
X "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome back! Are you here to shop?
Just say the word. The best merchandise at the best prices!
How goes the revenge business?"
1 "Booming, actually."
"That's such a relief. My anger's kept me up nights.
I still can't decide who I'm angrier at--the pirates for attacking, or the traders for bilking me.
To punish the Black Cloud Traders, I'll boycott their services. There's more than one way into the Abyss."

Summary Edit

Merchant Nekai in Pandaemonium shipped her goods on a Black Cloud Traders' ship as she always did. Unfortunately, her goods were lost during a pirate attack.

Nekai wanted revenge for the attack. You taught the Steel Rake pirates a lesson for Nekai. She thanked you and decided to boycott the Black Cloud Traders in the future.

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