Go to the Mist Mane village and kill Chieftain Muhamurru and his subordinates. Then collect Muhamurru's Armor and some more Mist Mane Hair as trophies and bring them to Chaikata, the chieftain of the Silver Mane.

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After getting the quest, get a group to kill NPCs in the Mist Mane areas until you get 100 Mist Main Hair. To get Muhamurru's Armor kill either Chieftain Muhamurru or any of the <Brutal Mist Mane Bulwarks>, <Brutal Mist Mane Warlocks> or <Brutal Mist Mane Curates> in Mist Mane who can also drop the item (at a 20% drop rate).

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"I mmmmust...taste morrrre blood...must have more revenge.
Chieftain Muhumurru...he betrayed our gratitude."
1 "How?"
"When my fatherrrr...was chieftain...he found Muhamurru injured on Fall Road. He took pity on him.
He tended...his wounnnnds...helped him live another day. Then took...him back to Mist Mane Village.
But nnnnow...Muhamurru hunts the rest of the Mist Mane vermin."
1 "That ingrate...!"
"Hunt Chieftain Muhamurru...and kill him. As rrrrevenge...and for my father."

Accept Edit

"Muhamurrrrru is...more cunning than Nuaka. Already he his rival's death.
Kill him...kill more Mist Mane. Bring me trophies...Muhamurru's Armor and more Mist Mane Hair."
X "I'm on it."

Decline Edit

"You fearrrr...Muhamurru? You arrrre...a weak, soft hunter, Daeva...."
X "Perhaps."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I...smell it Muhamurru's?"
1 "Smell for yourself."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Not Muhamurrrrru's are a busy hunter. I knnnnow...soon you will hunt Muhamurru."
1 "Indeed."

Successful Item Check Edit

"My fatherrrr...would be pleased. I have lapped...up my revenge.
We must...still hunnnnt...the Mist Mane. We them out. We willlll have...our home again.
Take this...Chestpiece of the Silver Mane Mau. All Silverrrr...Mane who see it...will know you as a friend."

Summary Edit

Chaikata, the Silver Mane Chieftain, said that the time has come to kill Muhamurru, an enemy of his tribe.

He said that his father had mad a big mistake in saving Muhamurru's life, and that the ungrateful Mist Mane Chieftain should be put to death.

You went to the Mist Mane village and killed Chieftain Muhamurru and his subordinates, then brought Muhamurru's Armor and some Mist Mane Hair to Chaikata as trophies. He said that you were a true friend of the Silver Mane, and gave you the Chestpiece of the Silver Mane Mau.

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