Defeat the Balaur instructors who train Draconute soldiers.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Balaur instructors.
<Nochsana Protector> (0/1)
<Nochsana Guard> (0/1)
<Aetheric Field Guard> (0/1)
<Nochsana Teleporter> (0/1)
  • Report the result to Lisya.

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 210,200 XP

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, enter Nochsana Training Camp in a group. Work your way through the instance, defeating each of the required NPCs. At the artifact, if you pull the other NPCs you can clear most of the artifact before attacking the Protector. The Nochsana Guard is on top of the Nochsana Fortress Gate. Kill the other NPCs until you can kill him. The Aetheric Field Guard will cast a protective shield. Kill her, and enter the Nochsana Training Fortress. The Teleporter is on the upper level on the left side of the General (as you walk in) but it's a good idea to clear the lower level and work upwards. Kill her, and then the General to complete the instance.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"As long as you're off to the Nochsana Training Camp, I've another favor to ask. Those Balaur instructors are the ones who train the Draconute soldiers.
It would be quite effective if we could eliminate those who make the Balaur effort go smoothly, as I'm sure you understand."
1 "Of course I do"
"The instructors won't be as easy as the trainees, you understand, but they aren't unstoppable. Just stay calm and level-headed, and you'll be able to take them down."

Accept Edit

"The Balaur instructors teach strategies to defend the important bind points of the Fortress.
You'll probably find the Nochsana Protectors at the Artifact, the Nochsana Guards and the Aetheric Field Guards at the gate, and Nochsana Teleporter in the fortress itself.
Start with the Artifact and defeat them as you go."
X "Blood for blood!"

Decline Edit

"Better things to do, eh?
I thought you were a capable Daeva, but now I can tell that I've heard only stories and falsehoods.
If you find your courage and your dignity, come back this way."
X "Er...I will."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The Elyos and the Balaur both pose a proper threat to us, you know. If we only had to fight on one front at a time, this war would have been over long ago.
Trouble is, we can never tell which direction the threat is going to come from.
In light of all that, I'm ready for some good news. Tell me brought some."
1 "You'll find this to your liking."
"That IS good news! You've done well, [Player Name].
We'll be sure to take advantage of this. We will attack more aggressively than ever.
Thank you, [Player Name]."

Summary Edit

Lisya asked you to defeat Balaur instructors who drill Draconute trainees.

When you returned after defeating the Balaur instructors in the Nochsana Training Camp, she was pleased and noted that the Asmodians would be able to take advantage of the situation.

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