Bulagan asked you to get rid of those who are loyal to Kromede.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Lurker Gargoyle> (0/15)
<Aetheric Mugolem> (0/7)
<Kalgolem of Magic> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, find a group doing the Fire Temple instance, as these are elite NPCs. This may take several runs to get all the required kills. Return to Bulagan to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"You have freed <Agnita>, my master.
I wish that were enough, but the temple is still full of enemies.
It's time for a cleansing..."
1 "What must be done?"
"We must eradicate Kromede's followers. The Lurker Gargoyles, Aetheric Mugolems and Kalgolem of Magics[sic] have no place in the Fire Temple.
Will you get rid of them?"

Accept Edit

"Remember, kill the Lurker Gargoyles, Aetheric Mugolems and Kalgolem of Magics[sic].
Their presence taints the Fire Temple with Kromede's treachery."
X "Blood for blood."

Decline Edit

"The Fire Temple was not always like this, overrun with monstrous foes.
Now that Agnita has been released, it must be restored to its original state.
Your help would be appreciated."
X "Some other time."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you kill the Lurker Gargoyles, Aetheric Mugolems and Kalgolem of Magics?
The servants of Kromede shall be shown no mercy!"
1 "It is done."
"Agnita will be pleased.
The Temple may never truly be clear of Kromede's treachery, but we won't forget your hard work.
Thank you."

Summary Edit

Bulagan said the Fire Temple should be restored to its original state now that Agnita has been released.

You removed Kalgolems, Mugolems, and the Guardian Statues who served the will of Kromede.

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