Prototype Weapons are needed. Collect them from the Nochsana Training Camp and take them to Leban.

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Objectives Edit

<Prototype Weapon> (0/4)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, enter Nochsana Training Camp. There are enough Weapons Chests to get four for each person in a six person group. Collect your four weapons and return to Leban to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"So you're going to the Nochsana Training Camp, I heard. I need a favor as long as you're heading over there.
I need something from there."
1 "Oh? What is it you need?"
"The Prototype Weapons. They are constantly developing new weapons and the first place they send the new creations is Nochsana Training Camp.
They can't just throw the items onto the battlefield and hope for the best--that would be madness. The Balaur aren't as stupid as we might like.
One of our scouts said that the test weapons are kept inside Balaur Weapons Chests. I need you to bring back that weapon."

Accept Edit

"Collect Prototype Weapons from the Balaur Weapon Chests. Once you've got them, bring them to me.
I'll send them to Pandaemonium, where our weapon experts can study them and get to work on the best ways to counter them.
I'll wait for you here. Hurry up, then."
X "On my way."

Decline Edit

"No? Not enough time, eh
You looked like you in a helping mood. Guess I misread you.
On your way, then. Best to you."
X "Good luck."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name].
I presume you've brought me the Prototype Weapons I asked for."
1 "I have. Here they are."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You've not gone yet?
Studying the weapons is so much more important than you realize. Go back and bring me what I've asked for."
X "The task is mine!"

Successful Item Check Edit

"This...this is discouraging.
This kind of weapon is so advanced...I hadn't realized that they were...
I'll get these sent off right away. Good job, [Player Name]. And thank you."

Summary Edit

Eulos[sic] said that the Balaur were testing newly developed weapons in the Nochsana Training Camp and asked you to get some of them.

You found test weapons in the weapon chests inside and took them to him. Eulos[sic] said that he would send them to Pandaemonium for further analysis.

Notes Edit

  • The summary of this quest refers to Eulos at Teminon Landing rather than Lebon at Primum Landing.

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