Help Jorund get Odella String and Rope to sell to Pandaemonium.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect Odella String and Odella Rope and take them to <Jorund>.
<Odella String> (0/15)
<Odella Rope> (0/7)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 255,800 XP
  • Kinah 26,600 Kinah
  • Unknown Unknown

Additional Reward Edit

After 15 repeats

Walkthrough Edit

Go to the Ice Claw Village and kill Brutal Ice Claw Guards or Brutal Ice Claw Raiders to get Odella String. Odella Rope can be found on the ground in the Odella Plantations in Salintus Rise. Gathering the Rope can be done solo, and does not require a group. Collect the required numbers of each and return to Jorund.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"This could be a big windfall for my family."
1 "Good news?"
"Maybe. I've received an order from a workshop in Pandaemonium, asking for Odella Rope made by the Munmuns here.
They're willing to pay well , too. I could send that money back home. Maybe Father could finally buy an new spear."
1 "But you can't leave your post, right?."
"Yes that's a problem. But you'd help me and my family out, right?"

Accept Edit

"You have my thanks, and my eternal gratitude.
If you go to the Ice Claw Village, you'll find Odella Rope scattered all over.
The workshop wants Odella String, too. You can find that on Brutal Ice Claw Guards and Brutal Ice Claw Raiders.
X "I'll return shortly."

Decline Edit

"Are you not heading up that way?
Maybe someone else can help me out."
X "Aion's blessings upon your family."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Those Mau are tough, no?"
1 "Here's what I got from them..."
"Yes, excellent! I'll send these to Pandaemonium at once. Mother will be so happy when she gets the money.
The workshop's asked me to get even more, so if you see me later, talk to me again."


Jorund made a deal with a workshop in Pandaemonium to get Odella String and Rope. You helped it out and got it for him from the Ice Claw Mau.

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