Go to the Mist Mane Village and kill Chieftain Nuaka and his subordinates. Then collect Nuaka's Weapon and some Mist Mane Hair as trophies, and bring them to Chaikata, the chieftain of the Silver Mane.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Nuaka's Weapon> (0/1)
<Mist Mane Mau Hair> (0/75)

Basic Reward Edit

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, find a group questing in the Mist Mane area. Nuaka can be found on top of a tree in the middle of the Mist Mane Village, accessed by activating the Symbol of Mau Hero. Kill Nuaka to get the weapon, which will drop for each member with the quest in the group. Continue to kill elite NPC's in the area to get 75 Hairs. Return to Chieftain Chaikata to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Chieftain Chaikata
"Those Mmmmist Mane...devils took my den.
All I desirrrre is revenge."
1 "A noble goal."
"Rrrrevenge...was almost mine last night. I wait, at...their sacrrrred ground, their Altar of the Black Dragon.
I would rrrrip...Chieftain Nuaka's thrrrroat out...right as he spoke the ritual.
But it...was not to be...."
1 "What happened?"
"Nuaka neverrr arrrrrived...perhaps he smelled a trap.
I fearrrr...he has smelled me out. He willlll...hunt us all down, Daeva.
But nnnnot...if you kill him first..."

Accept Edit

"Chieftain Nuaka neverrrr...stays in one place. He wanderrrrs...the Mist Mane Village.
As you hunnnnt will killlll...many Mist Mane vermin. Bring mmmme...back their hides...their Mist Mane Mau Hair.
You willlll...brrrring me back Nuaka's Weapon...."
X "I shall avenge your tribe."

Decline Edit

"Cowarrrrdly gone."
X "Stop growling at me...."

Reward Dialogue Edit

Chieftain Chaikata
" brrrring trophies? Is the hunt over?"
1 "Here...."

Failed Item Check Edit

A liarrrr...and a coward. Do not rrrreturn...without trophies...."
X "Very well."

Successful Item Check Edit

Rrrrevenge....Come closer, [Player Name]...that I can llllick...the blood from your [Player Weapon].
Ah, yes... warrrrm and fresh. Soon, I shalllll...lick all the Mmmmist Mane's....blood from my paws."

Summary Edit

Chaikata, the chieftain of the Silver Mane, asked you to avenge his tribesmen.

You killed the Mist Mane Chieftain, Nuaka, along with his subordinates, and brought Nuaka's Weapon and some Mist Mane Hair to Chaikata as trophies.

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