Hannet wants revenge. Go to the Fire Temple and kill Kromede the Corrupt.

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After getting the quest, join a Fire Temple group. Kill Kromede the Corrupt, and return to Hannet to collect the reward.

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"Oh, this is torment! My child dies, my husband leaves me...and stays with another woman in shade-cursed Asmodae!
He's dead, shadows take him--nothing more to be done, but I can still have satisfaction.
We'll make this woman Kromede pay! She'll have no peace."
1 "What do you mean 'we?'"
"Even after he ascended and became a Guardian, Denlavis was still my husband--the father of our poor, lost child.
He returned when he could, wrote letters about his adventures. When the letters stopped, I thought he was gone.
But now we know the truth."
1 "Again with the 'we' part."
"I must have my revenge. Denlavis abandoned me for an Asmodian bat! He left me to grieve alone, unconsoled.
I can't go to Asmodae...but you could. You're young and strong.
You can avenge me. If you go back to the Fire Temple and kill this woman Kromed the Corrupt, I'll have the peace I've never known. Will you do this for me?"

Accept Edit

"Thank you, [Player Name]! Thank you!
Leave as soon as possible for Fire Temple, find the woman called Kromede the Corrupt, and kill her.
That's the last thing I will ask of you, I swear!"
X "Faith and arms, Hannet!"

Decline Edit

"I had no right to ask you.
I must have my revenge, but I'll find someone else to help me."
X "Find comfort in the light, Hannet."

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"[Player Name], come, sit! Did you succeed?
Did you kill Kromede the Corrupt?"
1 "You are avenged!"
"Thank you! You do the Seraphim Lords proud.
Mine's been a hard life, but you've brought me comfort in the end."

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Hannet learned that Denlavis stayed in Asmodae to be with his lover, Kromede the Corrupt, and said that she wanted revenge.

You went to the Fire Temple for her and vanquished Kromede.

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