The Silver Mane need the Spirited Breath Armor in order to regain their power. Find the Red Wooden Box and recover the Spirited Breath Shoes. Then obtain some Mist Mane Hair, and bring it to Ananta.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect the Spirited Breath Shoes and some Mist Mane Hair, and bring them to Ananta.
<Spirited Breath Shoes> (0/1)
<Mist Mane Mau Hair> (0/50)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 1,376,200 XP

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

You can get the Spirited Breath Shoes either from the Red Box or as a drop from the mobs in the Mist Mane areas, who also drop the hairs you need. Once you have both items, return to Ananta to get the shoes. These shoes have a 20% speed boost.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"We accept a...hard truth, [Player Name].
We can't defeat...the Mmmmmist Mane...with our current numbers.
That doesn't mmmmean we give up! I have a plan."
1 "What is this plan?"
"We have a...trrrreasure--the Spirited Breath Shoes...handed down through generations of Silver Mane warriors.
Wearrrring are as nimble as the the waterfall, and as tough as stone.
The Mist Mmmmane attack...was cowardly. Our best warrriorrrrs...were struck their Balaur Magic and the armor was lost."
1 "And your plan?"
"The shoes...won't work for them...but they won't stop trying.
It must be you. Kill the Mist Mmmmane...vermin, find...the Spirited Breath Shoes.
Everrrrything I...have is yourrrrs...if you do this."

Accept Edit

"This hunt willll...take much time. The Spirited Breath...armor is composed of...several powerful items.
First, you must rrrretrieve...the Spirited Breath Shoes. They will the Red Wooden Box.
We founnnnd the body...of the warrior entrusted with it. His body...the Mist Manes must pay. Bring me some Mist Mane Hair when you rrrreturn.
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"This treasurrrre is the...pride and history of the Silver Mane.
Too few of us rrrremain. Prrrride is...all we have left.
It must be you, [Player name]. No other is strong enough."
X "Let me think about this."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"The sound of...your feet brrrrings hope, [Player Name].
Did you...find the Red Box?
The box could not...have been easy to find. Our scouts sign of it with the Mist Mane verrrrmin.
1 "No, it wasn't."

Failed Item Check Edit

"This is not...the time for sly games with worrrrds.
Retrrrrieve the...Spirited Breath Shoes and Mist Mane Hairs to show we are serious.
X "It done."

Successful Item Check Edit

"My heart beats...thrrrree times...with each breath, to see this again.
And holding the hairrrr...of our enemy in my hand...I feel joy and rage at the same time.
Please take this. It is a treasurrrre...from long ago, worthy of...a great Asmodian friend to the Silver Mane."

Summary Edit

Ananta said she was planning something for the surviving Mau, and she wanted to recover the lost Spirited Breath Armor from the Mist Mane Mau.

When you brought the Spirited Breath Shoes and Mist Mane Mau's Hair, Ananta gave you the Shoes of Silver Mane Mau as a reward.

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