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Hestia, Sanctum's Cooking Master, recommended you for the title of Cooking Expert. Speak to Governor Fasimedes and attend the ceremony.

Quest Information[]


  • Go to Fasimedes and attend the Cooking Expert appointment ceremony.

Basic Reward[]


Optional Reward[]

  • Recipe: Esosa Aether Sushi Recipe: Esosa Aether Sushi
  • Recipe: Klaw Aether Sausage Recipe: Klaw Aether Sausage
  • Recipe: Pleuro Aether Dumpling Recipe: Pleuro Aether Dumpling
  • Recipe: Rynoce Aether Bulgogi Recipe: Rynoce Aether Bulgogi
  • Recipe: Rynoce Aether Steak Recipe: Rynoce Aether Steak
  • Recipe: Triora Aether Sandwich Recipe: Triora Aether Sandwich


It's finally time to receive the Cooking Master title. Take Hestia's Recommendation and run to Fasimedes to complete the quest.


Initial Dialogue[]

"This is astonishing, [Player Name]!
Timing is at the heart of culinary finesse, and your expertise has been brought to fruition with the perfect blend of speed and dedication.
I feel as though you should be teaching me."
1.png "I'm not so sure...."
"No, you are too modest. There is no doubt in my mind that your gifts deserve recognition at the highest level--the title of Cooking Expert.
Earning this title is a real honor, achieved only by the finest and most notable chefs.
Would you like to receive this title?"


"Governor Fasimedes is the only one who can authorize the title. It would be my pleasure to write you a letter of recommendation.
This is a prestigious occasion and there will be a ceremony to mark your appointment. I hope you don't get nervous at such things!"
X.png "I'll go right away."


"Perhaps you are too shy to accept such high praise.
You are a rare talent, [Player Name], but if you are to succeed me and become a master, you must receive the title of Expert. Do not recoil from recognition.
Just think--how would we eat if the vegetables were too shy to emerge from the ground?"
X.png "I've never considered it."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Greetings, Daeva.
Tell me, why have you sought me out? Be quick, time is not a luxury I can afford."
1.png "Hestia sent me with this."
This is exceptional. I have tasted your wares, [Player Name], and with your exceptional ability, you could cook for the Seraphim Lords themselves.
The greatest army cannot march on an empty stomach. I urge you to continue developing your dishes, so all Elyos may benefit from your talent.
My heartfelt congratulations on achieving the prestigious title of Cooking Expert!"


Hestia, Sanctum's Cooking Master, told you that she can teach you little more now that you have reached the level of expert.

You took her letter of recommendation to Governor Fasimedes, and on attending the ceremony of appointment, received the title of Cooking Expert.

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