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Disambig icon.png For the Elyos version, see (Expert) Cooking Expert (Elyos).

<Lainita>, the Cooking Master, recommended you for the title of Expert. Go to Governor Vidar and attend the appointment ceremony.

Quest Information[]


  • Go to <Vidar> and attend the ceremony.


Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]

  • Recipe: Almeha Aether Egg-rolled Sushi Recipe: Almeha Aether Egg-rolled Sushi
  • Recipe: Crestlich Aether Sandwich Recipe: Crestlich Aether Sandwich
  • Recipe: Grilled Monitor Aether Steak Recipe: Grilled Monitor Aether Steak
  • Recipe: Monitor Aether Dumpling Recipe: Monitor Aether Dumpling
  • Recipe: Tipolid Aether Bulgogi Recipe: Tipolid Aether Bulgogi
  • Recipe: Tipolid Aether Sausage Recipe: Tipolid Aether Sausage


Talk to Lainita to get the quest, then go to Governor Vidar in the Capitol Building to accept the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Oh, you HAVE done well, [Player Name]! How quickly you've learned!
So quickly I fear, there is nothing more for Lainita to teach you. Time for us to untie your apron strings, Daeva."
1.png "You mean..."
"Yes, it's time you were rewarded for your hard work.
We reward those who excel at cooking with the honorific 'Cooking Expert' in recognition of their skill. Now, it's time for you [Player Name] to receive the title of Expert.
Are you ready?"


"You've make[sic] me so proud. Now, to receive your title, you need to get authorization from Governor Vidar.
Don't worry about getting his authorization. I'll write a recommendation letter. Vidar respects my judgment. So receive the title, and attend the induction Ceremony. Off with you, shoo! Before you make me cry...."
X.png "I'll make you proud."


"There is such a thing as being too humble.
Or is it that you don't have time for stuffy formalities? Hmmm"
If you want to become a master, you need the Expert title."
X.png "I'll think on it."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Yes? I am really VERY busy...
Does this concern me? Can <Skadi> or <Kvasir> not deal with it?"
1.png "Lainita sent me with this letter..."


"I, Vidar, congratulate you on your new title.
You are now a Cooking Expert.
This is quite an achievement.
May your art bring comfort and joy to all you feed."
Amazing, [Player Name]. With your talents, you could easily set up a restaurant in Pandaemonium. But I understand you're too active in the field to pursue such a course.
Cooking is an ancient and respected skill, in every way equal to the skills of the warrior, or the sorcerer. Expert cooks bring both sustenance and joy to their comrades.
I salute you, our new Cooking Expert!"


Cooking Master Lainita recommended that you receive the title of Expert. Go to Governor Vidar and attend the ceremony of appointment.

You accepted her recommendation letter, went to Governor Vidar, attended the ceremony of appointment and received the Expert title.

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