Lainita said that you have a special talent for cooking, and asked you to make Lainita's Tasty Salad, Lainita's Tasty Smoothie, and Lainita's Tasty Fish.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Cook the Tasty Banquet and take it to <Lainita>.
<Lainita's Tasty Salad> (0/1)
<Lainita's Tasty Smoothie> (0/1)
<Lainita's Tasty Fish> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 58,200 XP

Walkthrough Edit

Purchase the designs for each meal from the cooking merchant, <Daraia>. These designs are single craft only. If you fail, you must purchase another design to attempt to craft the tasty version. Cook a tasty version of each of the three dishes to serve to Lainita.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Not everyone has your gift for cooking, [Player Name].
You've demonstrated your ability to combine the finest ingredients and the finest seasonings for your culinary creations.
You take time to carefully prepare each dish so that they're beautiful as well as delicious.
Clearly, you have an extraordinary talent...I think it's time for a culinary challenge."
1 "A challenge? Sure!"
"Get the recipes for Lainita's Salad, Lainita's Smoothie, and Lainita's Fish, practice them until you can make the tastiest possible versions, and bring them to me.
These are complex dishes suited for only the most discerning of palates. I hope you're up for a kitchen stadium fight...and prove that you deserve the title of Expert.
Oh, and if you agree to become a Cooking Expert, you can only become and expert in one other field, and even then you must wait until you have finished all of your studies. So think carefully before you answer."

Accept Edit

"The menu for the Tasty Banquet calls for Lainita's Tasty Salad, Lainita's Tasty Smoothie, and Lainita's Tasty Fish.
Each dish must balance and accentuate the next...each course must delight the tongue and linger on the palate. It won't be easy, but you've done well so far, [Player Name]....
I'll be waiting here for you to cook and serve these delicious dishes, [Player Name]. I'm salivating just thinking about them."
X "Yes!"

Decline Edit

"You have the skills to prepare what I asked. Perhaps you're just less interested in the craft than I thought.
Or maybe you think it's more convenient to buy food from food merchants?
You disappoint me, [Player Name]. Leave me to my art."
X "I might think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Becoming a Cooking Master was not an easy path. I won a cooking contest, and then traveled everywhere in Asmodae to study local produce and traditional cooking methods.
Experience carefully refined my taste. But I think your excellent sense of taste is innate."
1 "Food is life, fight, and flight!"

Failed item check Edit

"It's good to see you working so hard. You remind me of myself in my younger days.
Don't put all your stock in the ingredients...technique and preparation are equally important. Are you ready to start cooking the Tasty Banquet now?"
X "Yes. Stand back...!"

Successful item check Edit

"The salad is fresh, crisp, and the fish is cooked to really brings out the freshness of the ingredients. The smoothie is perfectly balanced between tart and sweet.

Summary Edit

Lainita said that you had a special talent for cooking, and wanted to test you.

You made all the dishes asked for, and received hearty congratulations from Lainita.

Notes Edit

  • You cannot pick up this quest if you are already on an expert crafting quest line for another profession. If you attempt to, Lainita tells you:
"[Player Name], you may bitten off too much to chew. I know it's a difficult choice, but you can only select one field to study for Expert in.
If you are walking the path of Expert in another field, you'll have to put Cooking on the back burner until you're done."
X "But I dreamed of being a warrior chef!"

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