Lainita says that to receive the title of Cooking Expert, you must create some dishes that show true inspiration. Make Vidar's Tasty Salad, Vidar's Tasty Smoothie, Vidar's Tasty Fish, and Vidar's Tasty Chowder.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Make a Heartfelt Banquet, and serve it to <Lainita>.
Vidar's Tasty Salad (0/1)
Vidar's Tasty Smoothie (0/1)
Vidar's Tasty Fish (0/1)
Vidar's Tasty Chowder (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 58,200 XP

Walkthrough Edit

Purchase the designs for each meal from the cooking merchant, <Daraia>. These designs are single craft only. If you fail, you must purchase another design to attempt to craft the tasty version. Cook a tasty version of each of the four dishes to serve to Lainita.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Everyone who's sampled your dishes raves about your cooking. One thing weighs on my mind however...
I wonder if you can cook a truly inspired meal.
A true Cooking Expert knows that inspiration and passion create truly memorable meals."
1 "I know that, too."
"To test your skills I want you to buy the recipes for Vidar's Salad, Vidar's Smoothie, Vidar's Fish, and Vidar's Chowder, and cook them until you master them. Tasty versions of each are required!
These dishes require great skill, focus, and inspiration...I think you're good enough to tackle them.
Would you like to try?"

Accept Edit

"Cook Vidar's Tasty Salad, Vidar's Tasty Smoothie, Vidar's Tasty Fish, Vidar's Tasty Chowder, and put them all together to create a Hearty Banquet.
These are painstaking dishes. You'll need to marshall all your skills and passion if you want to succeed.
I'll be waiting here...hungrily...for your return."
X "One special Daeva meal coming up!"

Decline Edit

"Are you going to give up now, [Player Name]? I never knew you to balk at a challenge. I'm disappointed.
What a pity to waste your talent.
Come back to me if you change your mind later."
X "I will."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You need more than just talent and inspiration to cook these complicated meals. A truly skillful Cook creates dishes that improve the mood, strength, or even mental power of the diners.
That kind of dish speaks to a Daeva's heart. Can you do that?"
1 "Please, try my humble meal."

Failed item check Edit

"You haven't finished yet? There's no need to rush.
You're still young. We're always young....
If you don't understand what inspired Cooking is, ask more experienced Cooks."
X "Just give me time!"

Successful item check Edit

"Hmm... this dressing was a bold choice, but it works very well with the vegetables. Mmm... I never would have thought to use those spices in a smoothie of all things, but I really like it.
Let's see. Ahh! The fish is flaky and delicious... harmonious as a well-tuned chorus. Lastly, the chowder! Ah, a sip is like standing in the middle of a field of flowers.
It's absolutely beautiful, [Player Name]! I think you're already better than an Expert!"

Summary Edit

Lainita said that to receive the title of Cooking Expert, you must create some dishes that show true inspiration.

You cooked Vidar's Tasty Salad, Vidar's Tasty Smmothie, Vidar's Tasty Fish, and Vidar's Tasty Chowder. It was delicious.

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