Master Armorsmith Kinterun recommended you for the title of Expert. Find Governor Vidar for an appointment ceremony.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Attend the Expert appointed ceremony held by Vidar.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Head to the Capitol Building and attend your Expert ceremony.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Not bad, [Player Name]. Not bad at all. The armor you make? It's perfect. Bloody perfect.
I had high hopes for you, but to reach Expert so quickly.
I've no more to teach you."
1 "Master Kinterun..."
"You should have the title to match your skills.
"Armorsmithing Expert." Not fancy, grant you, but if we wanted fancy titles, we'd be Elyos!
How about it, eh? Up for a ceremony?"

Accept Edit

"Right, then. Governor Vidar needs to grant your title.
I'll write you out a commendation letter for that formality. Then you visit Vidar, receive your title and attend the appointment ceremony. Don't worry. It's short."
X "It's an honor, Kinterun."

Decline Edit

Right, then. Let's just carry on as a bloody apprentice, shall we?
When someone asks, "Who made this amazing armor?" I can say, "Oh, you'll never believe, but it's dear little [Player Name] over there! Too modest for a title!"
You could fill my baldrakflaggling boots one day. My Expert title isn't worth receiving? Just spit in my blasted eye, then!"
X "I'm busy, balfludgeon it!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I warn you, I'm very busy right now.
Unless this requires my personal attention, bring it to Skadi or Kvasir."
1 "My commendation letter from Kinterun..."


"I, Vidar, congratulate you on your new title.
You are now an Armorsmithing Expert.
Good job, Daeva.
This is quite an achievement!
May you craft the sturdiest of armor to protect your fellow Asmodians.
"Aah, excellent, [Player Name]! Most excellent. If Master Kinterun says so, you must be talented.
I am no word-smith, [Player Name]. I have no flowery speech prepared. Know only this--it is your armor that turns the claws of our foes. High walls and towers defend us here, but in the Abyss, armor is the only defense! Few will meet the Daeva who saves their life, but I thank you.
Master Kinterun has the worst manners in the city, but his talents are supreme, and you are the proof of that."

Summary Edit

With nothing more to teach you, Kinterun, the Master Armorsmith, proudly declared you an Expert Armorsmith.

You took his commendation letter to Governor Vidar. At a small ceremony, he awarded your title.

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