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Tecoma Wood (0/3)

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Walkthrough Edit

Gather at least six Tecoma Logs in the Moslan Forest, as it takes two logs to make one Tecoma Wood. You will need a gather level of at least 30. Because you may fail during the craft, it is a good idea to gather a few extra. Return to Pandaemonium craft the logs into wood and give them to Lanse.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"AaaaaAAAARGH!.WHY did he promise this in the FIRST place?
We're at WAR! And those brax-brained officials want a chair with elaborate hand work! Engravings! Carvings! Silver inlay! Has he no clue? Is his brain addled? AM I THE ONLY SANE PERSON IN ALL OF PANDAEMONIUM?
Why me, [Player Class]? Why does he hate me so? Why didn't he just push me over the edge and have done with it?"
1 "Maybe you could start at the beginning..."
"I took the position of handicraft master a couple of days ago. THEN I find out that my predecessor, may Worgs gnaw on his misshapen ribs, promised to make a chair for the Governor!
I told him we didn't have the time. "No time," I said. I explained that we didn't have the materials. "No materials," I said. "Oh, you can handle it," he said.
So the whole job gets dumped in my lap! What's worse, we're almost out of wood!"
1 "Perhaps I can help."
"Oh, if you could, I's adore you forever. What I need most is Tecoma Wood. There are lots of Tecoma Log in the Moslan Forest.
Altgard is a ways off, true, but gathering wood isn't difficult. I's do it myself, but...well, you see how swamped we are!
"Will you help save what's left of my sanity, [Player Name]?"

Accept Edit

"Magnificent! I need you to cut down Tecoma trees in the Moslan Forest and trim them on the workbench.
If you're busy but have the Kinah, you could buy the wood that someone else has trimmed. I don't care either way--I just need that wood.
Oh, one last thing! Make sure you get lots of raw material. You'll likely ruin some of it on your first few tries."
X "I'll do my best"

Decline Edit

"Fine! FINE! Just go your own sweet way, and I'll find some way to cope!
But I wouldn't walk past this place after dark if I were you! I'm a mean shot with a thrown chisel."
X "Sorry, I'm just too busy."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Oh, there you are! I was about ready to try making the chair from offcuts!
Did you bring me three pieces of Tecoma Wood? Tell me you did. Oh please."
1 "Here's your Tecoma Wood."
"Oh, BLESS you, [Player Name]! Now I can make the chair for the Governor!
So many Daevas to teach, so many commissions to carry out, so many other people's promises to keep. Such is my destiny, I suppose."

Summary Edit

Lanse, the newly appointed handicraft master, was in trouble because of her predecessor's promise. To help her make the chair for Governor[sic], you fashioned three pieces of Tecoma Wood and gave them to her.

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