Logi's apprentice ruined his steel ingots. Find iron ore in Moslan Forest and make three ingots on the Weapon Forges.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Make 3 Iron Ingots for Logi.
Iron Ingot (Asmodian weaponsmithing) (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

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Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Hmm... Think. How best to handle this? Elgar needs a lesson, but I can't have him sulking...
1 "Excuse me."
"Oh... if you're placing orders, you're out of luck. All my steel ingots were melted to slag. Elgar over there, shade bless him, is the most claw-fisted Daeva of Flame this forge ever saw, and he didn't even notice it happen.
He's not a bad lad. Last time he screwed up this badly, he pelted out of the workshop and disappeared till the next day. I can't afford for that to happen again."
1 "He needs thicker skin."
"Others, I'd agree. But young Elgar has had a rough enough time. He's lost too many family members, though he puts on a brave face. Call me soft, but there's no point kicking him when he's down.
Perhaps you'll serve, [Player Name]. Can you make Steel Ingots? That way, work could go ahead, and Elgar would be... none the wiser.
Steel ingots are simple. You need iron ore and briquette charcoal. If enough Daevas pitch in, I can replace the whole stock. You'd only need to make three. I can teach you how."

Accept Edit

"There's plenty of iron ore in Moslan Forest. Dig out some ore, buy Charcoal Briquette from Mima there, and work it on my Weapon Forges. Easy Steel Ingots!
Best bring about three times as much iron ore as required. First time out, you'll botch one or two tries. Quick as you can, please? Elgar is dim, but I can't stall forever."
X "I'll grab my pack."

Decline Edit

"Huh. I should just tell him the truth, is that it?
S'pose you're right, but it'll wreck him. I know it. He has skill, but his losses have dulled him. Grind a blade on enough hard stones, it takes forever to hone it back."
X "Do what you must."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you make Steel Ingots?
I've kept Elgar running, so he's missed what's going on."
1 "Take a look."
Without the ingots
"Ah. You forget something, [Player Name]?
I don't see my steel ingots in there. Come on, it's not the hardest job in Atreia! We knock them out by the dozen making weapons!
Let's have those Steel Ingots!"
X "I'll try again."
With the ingots
"Ach, an exemplary Asmodian. Thank you. I'd better get to work. And next time Elgar botches things, he'll feel the back of my hand.
This isn't bad work, [Player Name]! Want to learn Weaponsmithing? I'd be willing to teach you."

Summary Edit

Elgar overheated Logi's forge, ruining the stock of steel ingots. Logi worried that the shame would unbalance the boy.

You mined iron ore, made steel ingots, and saved both Logi's work and Elgar's pride.

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