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Lainita wants to teach cooking to only the most dedicated cooks. Show your commitment by gathering Conides from Altgard Ice Lake, roasting them and bringing them to her to judge.

Quest Information[]


<Roast Conide> (0/3)

Basic Reward[]


There are two ways to complete this quest. The first would be to simply purchase the three Roast Conide from the Broker. The second would be to learn the Cooking profession from Lainita which automatically teaches the recipe Craft: Roast Conide. Each craft yields 2 Roast Conide if the player succeeds. Conides can be gathered from the Altgard Ice Lake area and it would be wise to collect a few extra in case the crafting fails. Return to cook them and report the results to Lainita.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Interested in cooking, eh? Get in line. Ever since Amandino demonstrated his carving skills on the Balaur, every Daeva in Asmodae wants to be a warrior chef. And who do you think taught them?
Me! Lainita, Daeva of Cooking, that's who.
I've trained the best. Cooking is an art to be respected and reckoned with. And from now on I'm only going to train chefs who can dominate a battlefield as well as a kitchen."
1.png "Wow! Really?"
"Really. Cooks should be respected. When we struggled to survive after the Tower fell, warriors protected us, but cooks... cooks fed us. A few-like Amandino and Batali-did both. Good food was a rare comfort in that bitter cold time.
It takes devotion to make a meal out of what you can forage and scrape together. If you have the proper respect for cooking, [Player Name], then I'll teach you."
1.png "Yes, I want to be a warrior chef."
"We'll start with basics, and you can't get much more basic than roasted clam. Seafood is flight-food and brain food.
Bring three Conides and roast them here. I'll be the judge of your success.
You CAN buy roasted clam from food merchants, but nothing tastes quite like fresh clam you've roasted yourself. Making makes the tasting good. Remember that."


"Conides at Altgard Lake are the best you'll find anywhere. Sweet, fat, plentiful, and just lying there waiting to be plucked.
One more thing...if you've never cooked before, you'd best bring a few extra Conide. You'll probably burn one or two of them before you get the knack of roasting them to perfection."
X.png "I'll be right back."


"I totally wasted my breath on you, didn't I?
You haven't heard a word I've said. If you can't be bothered to learn, then the door's over there. Don't let it hit your wings on the way out."
X.png "Conide, blech."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Ah, you're back! Did you gather and roast Conide?
Let's have a taste then. Hurry up, before it gets cold."
1.png "Three roasted Conide. Here you go!"
"Numf. Now thif,thif if good Conide! Egfellent!
Mmm. I like Conide, it's squishy. So. Did you feel connected to our ancestors, out there on the ice? Do you understand how much all Asmodians owe to those who cook for the rest?
Taking the cook's path is not easy. But don't worry if people take your skills for granted. When they're cold and hungry, they'll come a-begging."


Lainita gave you an assignment that would teach you the importance of cooking. You gathered Conide, cooked it, and brought it to her.

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