Scouting the Lepharist Citadel is difficult because of the guards at the entrance. Help Modgud get rid of the Citadel Fighters, Citadel Patrollers and Citadel Mages who defend the entrance.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Citadel Fighter> (0/6)
<Citadel Patroller> (0/6)
<Citadel Mage> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The easiest location to find these NPCs are at the south entrance to the Lepharist Citadel. Kill the required number of each and return to Modgud for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Something suspicious is going on at that Lepharist Citadel.
They started with a bare-bones crew, but more Lepharists arrive every day.
When I reported to the Fortress, they said to keep an eye on the place."
1 "Sounds easy enough."
"Or maybe not. What they want is regular reports on construction progress. That means we go inside. And there are guards at the entrance.
[Player Name], I'm not exactly inconspicuous, and I'm lousy at being stealthy. Will you help me?"

Accept Edit

"Heh. Excellent. Thanks. From what I've seen there are Citadel Fighters, Citadel Patrollers, and Citadel Mages defending the Lepharist Citadel entrance. Take'em down.
There's a silver coin in it for you if you succeed."
X "On my way!"

Decline Edit

"Cowed by the Lepharists, eh? Too bad you can't live up to your reputation, [Player Name].
If you change your mind, come see me again. You're the right Daeva for this job.
X "Thrive in Azphel's shadow."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"By Azphel's prickly butt--you 're back and in one piece, too!
How did it go?"
1 "Those guards won't be a problem anymore."
"Excellent! I knew you were the right Daeva, [Player name].
Here's the silver coin I promised, with my thanks."

Summary Edit

Sentinel Modgud asked you for help with scout[sic] the Lepharist Citadel.

You got rid of the Lepharists defending the entrance and reported back.

Notes Edit

  • This is a good quest to do in combination with Tango quest icon Muorinerk's Offer [?] as you'll be killing the same NPCs for both.

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