Send the ghostly Red Sky Legionaries to the Aether.

Quest Information Edit

Objective Edit

  • Collect Ghostly Spirit Stones and take them to <Nagel>.
Ghostly Spirit Stone (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The Red Sky Legionaries wander the area around Baltasar Cemetery. The Spirit Stones drop from Elder Spirit Warriors, Elder Spirit Healers, Elder Spirit Archers, and Elder Spirit Mages. Return to Nagel once you've acquired 15 Spirit Stones.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Have you heard the story of the Red Sky Legion?"
1 "I may have, once or twice."
"I bet you don't know the tragic epilogue, though. So many of the Legion's souls became trapped here.
Why? No man can say, but they wander the Baltasar Cemetery and the Wailing Cliffs to this day, seeking...Aion knows what.
I don't know what ghosts want, I just give coins to Daevas who help send them back to the flow of Aether. You in?"

Accept Edit

"If you want coins, you'd best bring back Ghostly Spirit Stones as proof.
But remember, these are former war heroes we're talking about. Don't just treat them with casual disrespect. At least say a prayer for their souls after you've slain them."
X "Don't worry, I will."

Decline Edit

"Well, if you're not interested, then you've got no business with me."
X "Aion watch over you!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back."
1 "Here's the stones."

Failed item checkEdit

"You'll need to get a few more stones before I can give you a reward. Sorry, that's regulations."
X "I'll be back."

Successful item checkEdit

"Those war heroes don't deserve such a tragic fate. You've done well by helping to free them.
But then, you're not just doing it out of altruism, are you?"

Summary Edit

Administration Officer Nagel told you that the souls of many Red Sky Legionaries still wander the land. You sent their souls back to the flow of Aether.

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