Eradicate the Spriggan Gatherers and Spriggle Wardens that are threatening the safety of the locals.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Eradicate the Spriggan Gatherers and Spriggle Wardens.
<Spriggan Gatherers> (0/20)
<Spriggle Wardens> (0/9)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Go to the Sprigg Habitat west of Kellan's Cabin. Kill required numbers of Gatherers and Wardens. Note that Gatherers will call to any other nearby Gatherers, so a good strategy is to pull them farther away.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Did you know that the Spriggans and the Spriggles are the most powerful creatures in Patamor Thicket [Player Name]?
They used to stay on the other side of the lake, but lately they have expanded their territory into the Thicket itself"
1 "Are they causing trouble?"
"How did you know? These creatures are small but ferocious, and they've been multiplying like... well, Spriggans. Soon the entire area will be overrun.
The Fortress is in a state of emergency at the moment, though, so it can't send help right now. The locals have contributed to a fund to reward anyone who will hunt these pests"
1 "What are you offering?"
"Eradicate the Spriggan Gatherers and Spriggle Wardens, [Player Name], and I'll pay you with a Bronze Coin.
You can trade them in for armor--it's not a bad deal! What do you say?"

Accept Edit

"Most commendable. Come back after hunting twenty Spriggan Gatherers and nine Spriggle Wardens
It won't be easy to hunt so many, but if you take down a few each time you pass through Patamor Thicket, you'll get there eventually. Good luck!"
X "They don't stand a chance."

Decline Edit

"I understand--what we're asking is no easy feat.
It is probably wise that you know your limits
Come back when you think you can handle it."
X "I can do it. I'm just ... busy"

Reward DialogueEdit

"Welcome [Player Name].
Did you hunt those Spriggans and Spriggles? I am assuming you did. If not, you wouldn't be here now..."
1 "Here's what I've got so far."
"You go them all!. Thank you very much.
Here is the Bronze Coin that I promised. I hope you make good use of it."

Summary Edit

Kellan was worried that there was no help coming form the Fortress to combat the Spriggan problem.

He also said that he would give the work to any Daevas willing to help. So you hunted 20 Spriggan Gatherers and 9 Spriggle Wardens and received a Bronze Coin as a reward.

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