Get rid of Brohums and return with their horns.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Brohum Horn (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The Brohum can be found from Iollo Forest through to Brohunir. Kill the Brohum and collect their horns. The drop rate is 100%. Return to BuBu Village and talk to Pogel to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I really do admire those Brohums. They survived when Humans didn't.
They were the stronger race then, but we're the stronger race now.
It's time to take what's ours."
1 "And what's that?"
"The Brohums have some method that kept their lands clear of contamination. Since they won't share the secret with us, we'll just have to take these lands from them.
If they can't defend it against us, they don't deserve to live there.
I'm giving coins for Brohum kills. Interested?"

Accept Edit

"You,ll find them all over Brohunir and the Iollu Forest. If you're as strong as I've heard, they shouldn't be a problem.
Even somebody as famous as you will have to prove the claims though, so bring me Brohum Horns and I'll give you coins."
X "I'd better get my hunting knife."

Decline Edit

"You're afraid of Brohums? What, did one of them pull your pinfeathers?"
X "Not afraid, just not stupid."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Got horns for me?"
1 "See for yourself."

Failed item check Edit

"Aww, buddy, no horns for me? I'm disappointed."
X "Wipe that grin off your face."

Successful item check Edit

"Nice horns.
Bring me more anytime you want. We've got to drive out those Brohums."

Summary Edit

Pogel told you Brohums had some way to keep their lands free of contamination. He was willing to give coins to people willing to drive the Brohums out so the Asmodians could take their lands.

You brought him back horns as proof of Brohum kills and he gave you a coin.


  • This quest can be easily done at the same time as Tango quest icon <Ginseng Gone Wild> [49] which can be done on the way to the Brohum.
  • Demon Eyes are special rewards from Platinum Coin quests. They can be turned in via <Bonarunerk> along with kinah to reward between 0 and 6 Platinum Coins.

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