Get rid of Kentari in order to clear out the Kentari Village for settlement.

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Objective Edit

<Kentari Fighters> (0/21)
<Kentari Sentinels> (0/12)

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Walkthrough Edit

The Kentari Village is just to the northeast of the Desert Garrison. Kill the required number of Kentari and return to Cliessa.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"It seems that Pandaemonium has decided that Morheim is an excellent place to send new settlers.
Strength through adversity, and all that.
And they've decided that the Kentari Village would be the ideal place to start a settlement-it's built up already, after all."
1 "There's a problem with that plan."
"Yes, but they've planned for that too. I've got a dispensation of bronze coins to give out to anyone willing to kill Kentari.
I don't suppose you's be interested in helping out our humble settlers?"

Accept Edit

"To clear out the Kentari Village, you should defeat Kentari Fighters and Kentari Sentinels.
Do it for Pandaemonium, [Player Name]."
X "For the Shedim Lords."

Decline Edit

"I thought I heard you used to be a mercenary.
You should know that no jobs means no coins."
X "I'll get my coins elsewhere."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you do your part to clear out the Village?"
1 "I slaughtered the Kentari brutes."
"Wonderful! Pandaemonium will be pleased to hear there's been progress.
We'll drive out those Kentari in no time."

Summary Edit

Administration Officer Fulla[sic] is in charge of eliminating Kentari from the Kentari Village, so that people can move in.

You defeated Kentari Fighters and Sentinels and received bronze coins.

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