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An Affiliation is a group of allies, either racial, professional or ideological. They may also be known as a faction, clan, family, religion, tribe, army or mercenary group.

An NPC's race does not necessarily determine it's affiliation.


A player will be affiliated immediately with either Elyos or Asmodian. These are the two race choices, and when the choice is made, the player is fully immersed in a world populated by other Elyosians or Asmodians.

The racial alliance that is formed allows characters within Atreia to interact with others of the same Faction without fear of combat or death. This peace of mind gives way to trading, grouping and general interaction. There is the ability to fight others of your own Faction, but there is no death involved, as a Duel ends before death.


Professional affiliation is not necessarily spoken, but is an understanding between people. Characters may have professions that they train throughout the game, but only two in which they may have max level (499). If a character has the same profession as another character, they are indirectly affiliated by this. This allows easier interaction, and lets characters exchange craft and/or knowledge without prejudice.


Ideological affiliations may take place at any time within Atreia. Affiliations through a quest group may be made, but will not necessarily be continued after the group disbands. This type of alliance is temporary, but enables characters to continue the journey through Atreia, with the aid of others of their chosen Faction.

Alongside this, common problems that occur may draw players together in discussion: this affiliation is again temporary, but allows players to interact on a different level.

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