Aion вики

Aion has two playable races, the Elyos and the Asmodians. These beings are split into two factions and are the main powers in Atreia. They are not, however, the only races.

The PvPvE races[]

  • Daeva - the being you play in the game, Daeva can be either of these two races:
    • Elyos - those who are privileged to bask in the light
    • Asmodian - those who are forced to live in the darkness

Other civilized races[]

  • Danuar
  • Human
  • Reian
  • Shugo

Humanoid races and monsters[]

  • Elemental
  • Kobold
  • Krall
  • Mau
  • Skurv


Differences in the Playable Races[]

  • To sum this up, the differences in each race are merely appearance-based, location-based, and skill-based. Depending on which race you select, you will start in a different area. Neither has better stats, but some of the skills (a very small number) for certain classes differ depending on the race you selected. For instance, a particular stat-boosting skill for the Elyos may raise one stat, while the Asmodian version of that skill will raise a different stat. (For those interested in seeing the skills that differ read this thread and it will show the different class skill per race. )
  • Another difference is skin tone. The color palette for Asmodian skin tones has a selection of cold hues, ranging from ghostly white to purple, green, blue, etc. The Elyos skin tones are a much warmer variety and are more or less normal human complexion colors including ivory, peach, russet brown, tan, yellow, etc.
  • Next would be the ornament on the back of each race. The Elyos have a yellow scarf, while the Asmodians bear a spiky, gray-haired mane, supposedly developed to help insulate against the cold, harsh climate of their world.
  • One of the biggest differences can only be seen when each race draws its weapons. While an Elyos more or less remains the same physically, an Asmodian's eyes begin to glow red.
  • Another major difference is the way in which they jump. While an Elyos more or less looks normal when they jump, an Asmodian will commonly do a mid-air flip, and then land pretty quickly.